Work and no play is no fun they say. In the Mill Creek Community there is something for everyone, especially if one enjoys the peace and quiet atmosphere of a small rural community, devoid of all the stress that goes along with big city life. In the Mill Creek Community, one can enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, swimming, boating, sightseeing and other outdoor activities. There is always a softball tournament during the summer and the school has some awesome basketball, not to mention having some great boy’s baseball and girl’s softball games to watch.


Something for everyone is an understatement! The only problem might be finding the time to enjoy the many recreational opportunities in the Mill Creek Community. There are miles of dirt roads to wander. Oh, and don’t forget jogging, walking and bike rides. Better watch out for the 4-wheelers and skateboards. Or, you might just relish a long walk in the woods, which are everywhere and big! Even watching the sunrise or sunset from the top of a lonesome hill can lift ones’ spirits.


Maybe you are a sports enthusiast. Well then you are in luck! We have great Mill Creek Bullfrog basketball, baseball and softball and if that isn’t enough, you might catch a rousing league softball tournament in the Mill Creek Park. Don’t forget an exciting game of T-ball or pitching machine baseball. The kids love the crowd.

Western Events

Oh yeah, for the cowboy and cowgirl, there are numerous rodeo happenings throughout the year. We take pride in the homegrown ranch hand talent displayed at the various western events. If you don’t rodeo but love horses, take a pleasant ride or join a covered wagon trip.

Water Events

You say you’re the water type? OK. Then we have boating, skiing and, of course, fishing. Swimming holes are everywhere and come in all sizes; some even have running water and a rope to swing on. Almost all are occupied from May to October. Blue River and Pennington Creek are two of the favorites. Try noodling, an old sport which has recently seen a renewed interest and it is legal here.


As for hunting, we have it: everything from frog gigging to deer hunting and everything legal in between.

Other Activities

If that still doesn’t ring your bell, you might look up a horseshoes game, a quilting bee or art classes. Suffice it to say, we have recreational opportunities in the Mill Creek Community.