Jobs are important to the long-term success of a Community. The Community has a long history of ranching and farming, and being on the foothills of the Arbuckle Mountain range, Mill Creek is known for the diverse mining industry that has provided jobs in the Community for decades. Over recent years new businesses have sprung up also providing new opportunities within the Community.

The following businesses are located in the Mill Creek Community:

3C Cattle Feeders

Clyde, Casey & Bear Runyan
Office: 580-384-3943
Residence: 580-384-5741
204 East Main St.
P.O. Box 144
Mill Creek, OK 74856

Mill Creek Monument

302 Vaughn Lane
Mill Creek, OK 74856

Sipokni West

Old West Town See Yesterday - Today
Johnny Shackleford
Residence: 580-384-8344
2200 South Sawmill Road
Tishomingo, OK 73460

Stinson Construction

Office: 580-384-8020
Fax: 580-384-8316
P.O. Box 77
Mill Creek, OK 74856

U.S. Silica

Gary Randolph, C.P.A.
Administrative Manager
Office: 580-384-5241
Fax: 580-384-5216
P.O. Box 36
Mill Creek, OK 74856

ISSI Industrial Supply Solutions, Inc.

Office: 580-384-8000 or 800-333-2998
Fax: 580-384-8008
HWY 7 @ Arnold Street
Mill Creek, OK 74856

Power Equipment & Engineering, Inc.

Mill Creek Branch
Power Transmission & Materials Handling Equipment
Harold D. Garrison
Office: 580-384-5556 or 800-567-7025
Fax: 580-384-8021
Residence: 580-384-5415
P.O. Box 3
Mill Creek, OK 74856
5 miles North on HWY 7

Snak Shack Mill Creek

HWY 1 & Shawnee
Mill Creek, OK 74856

Stinson Materials

Specialty sands: silica sand,
whole grain, ground silica,
dolomite 50lb, 100lb, and bulk bags.
Office: 580-384-8020
Fax: 580-384-8316
P.O. Box 77
Mill Creek, OK 74856